Recruitment Services

At Pakistan Placement we are committed to engage and retain the best talent for our clients. We think that every candidate is distinct and in today's market just having the suitable skills, qualifications and experience may not be sufficient. For this reason we will ensure that our candidates have other key traits such as the right attitude, passion and fervor; coupled being well matched for our client’s company culture, allowing them to grow professionally within the organization and steer the stairs of their career ladder.

We understand that recruiting the ideal employee can push any business forward to the next level of success and that an inappropriate hire can have antagonistic effects. So whether our client need is to recruit a trainee or a senior level professional, we will work closely with our clients and take the time to fully understand their needs; enabling us to tender a bespoke recruitment solution with our professional services.

We have had the privilege of working with human resource professionals belonging from diverse industries. This has played a key role in development of diverse and adept recruitment team. With that we are able to be a strategic partner to our clients and provide them access to top talent at a moment’s notice utilising our vast network of recruiters.

At Pakistan Placement there are no clandestine terms or surprises. We render genuine and professional services and we aim to provide a long term value adding service to our clients. Our fee structure is transparent and we are frank and consultative with our clients.

Our Process


We connect with you and understand your business and company culture and gather your specific staffing needs.


We analyze your priorities, SOPs and communication preferences to shape a streamlined working relationship.


We search for best matches for your specific needs from our resume pool, recruiter references and portal adverts.


We screen candidate’s skills, experience and aspirations through expert interviews and stringent tests.


We deliver highly-vetted candidates and work closely during the interview process to place the ideal candidates in your organization.

Connect With Us for Recruitment Services

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