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Pakistan Placement started its operation in 2011 as a small website providing very basic features to employers and job seekers. Since its inception it collected the latest job openings from all the sources and present them at one place. Since then the website has experienced ever increasing number of visitors with employer wanting to post their jobs and candidates looking for their desired jobs. So in early 2015 we decided to provide a comprehensive and feature rich job portal for intended users and started its development. The development of the website completed in late 2015 and we launched the first version of the website containing all the features for employers and job seekers. Pakistan Placement is now serving employers and job seekers in all sectors of the industry. The online platform offers a focused, user-friendly connection point for highly qualified candidates and employers needing to position new job opportunities in all the industries. The main objective of maintaining this site is to have a comprehensive and easily accessible platform for Pakistani job seekers and employers. We aim to help Pakistani jobs seekers to conveniently browse all jobs available in Pakistan and those that Pakistanis are eligible to apply for.

As part of the service Pakistan Placement collects latest jobs all over Pakistan from various sources and then posts on the website for the job seekers to apply for such jobs. We also posts the jobs advertised in the leading newspapers of Pakistan. Apart from that employers can create their account on the website and post their jobs on our website. Candidates must be registered to apply for those jobs and send their resume to the employer.

Pakistan Placement does not give any warranty or other assurance as to the operation, quality or functionality of the site. Access to the site may be interrupted, restricted or delayed for any reason. Pakistan Placement also does not give any warranty or other assurance as to the jobs and content of the material appearing on the site, its accuracy, completeness, timelessness or fitness for any particular purpose.

To the full extent permissible by law, Pakistan Placement disclaims all responsibility for any damages or losses (including, without limitation, financial loss, damages for loss in business projects, loss of profits or other consequential losses) arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use of or inability to use the Site or any material appearing on Pakistan Placement, or from any action or decision taken as a result of using Pakistan Placement or any such material.

If you have any question you can reach to us by filling the form on our Contact Us page.

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